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It’s easier than you may think to transform your old photos and digital images into art. Online canvas and poster printing is very popular with many dedicated websites but one company stands out for quality and personal service.London based e4posters.

The e4posters website avoids the complexity of many other canvas websites and simply works on the experience of its graphically trained staff to personally analyise and review the images supplied,giving you honest advice on the suitability of  your image or photograph for conversion into a giclee poster or canvas print.e4posters specializes in triptych canvases, where image quality and attention to detail are fundamental. Colour balancing and cropping of the final canvas composition are very important to produce a successful creative triptych canvas. Simply focusing on a specific detail of an image can sometimes add to its visual impact.Canvas test prints and proofs are produced internally to make sure your canvas is correct. All canvases are printed on 100% premium cotton canvas, airbrushed with several coats or giclee varnish to ensure your canvas is UV stable for many years. Hand stretched over a pegged wooden frame, tapped and buffered, your canvas is supplied ready for you to hang.

What makes a successful canvas print, colour style and design? You need to make a decision, whether you are creating your canvas as a décor item or a more personal statement. If décor is important, and if you are displaying your canvas or triptych in a business or retail environment the images need to co-ordinate with the rest of the interior. The style and design of the print or canvas should reflect the business or retail style or if the canvas is social art or a very personal gift,for example, just married, new baby, pets,old images of loved ones and friendships, landscapes or abstract.

Does size and the positioning of your canvas matter? Determine which room your canvas or giclee print will be displayed in giving your canvas the maximum impact.If your canvas is for an office or residential space, establish colour appropriateness, conservative or modern and bright. Is your finished canvas frame,right for the space.

This is where triptych or multi-panel canvases are very successful. Typically if it’s going to be displayed above a couch on a residential wall a forty to sixty inch triptych canvas will work very well. Remember multiple canvas images are more successful visually than single canvas images.


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