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Modern hotels have now adapted to rapid social changes with solutions of creativity. Carpets/rugs and curtains are increasing the interior designing beauty of hotels. carpet cleaning Whether you have a hotel or planning your next business trip abroad, here are some of the new twists in the industry:

Technology Overload

Not everyone is looking for hi-tech accommodation far away from his/her home. On the other hand, people prefer to disconnect during the holidays. But more and more motels/hotels focus on keeping guests “plugged in” at every cost. Positively, an excellent idea to go when it comes to business tourism, a technology-friendly space encourages work-flow and, in the long term, the fidelity of guests. New hotels offer the probability of adjusting lighting, air conditioning, and even window blinds through smartphones, which often turns out to be the right business idea. Another style is placing PC tablets at check-in for printing boarding passes, as well as for ensuring other self-helping processes requiring an online connection.

Re-thinking Guest-room design Configurations

No longer is the classic bed-table-locker combo sufficient to make a hotel room feel alluring and attractive. In the modern world, guests expect surprises, but far away from sweet home. Possibly why each interior in the new hospitality industry is very distinct from the upcoming. Creative offices for travelers of the business industry, interesting looking TV panels and an extra sofa next to the king-sized bed are just some of the key “ingredients” for a stylish motel room. We have also seen color explosions and eclectic decor mixes, which can appeal to guests willing to experience new and unique accommodations.

Bathroom Features

Toilets stopped being perceived as auxiliary rooms, spaces to be minimized, to expand living areas. Think luxury bedrooms, waterfall showers, over-sized bathtubs, his&hers sinks, giant towels, beauty items, and plenty of space.

Lobbies envisioned as dynamic multi-use spaces. On Freshome, we have seen many hotel projects focused on offering an excellent first impression. The importance of entrance lobbies is growing over time, as social encounters become more and more dependent on this specific hotel area. With the modern business traveling trend, hotel lobbies must provide a multi-use space for formal talks as well as casual ones, working on laptops, plugging in many devices. This means a simple sofa-coffee table arrangement will not cut it. More extravagant entrance qualities in today’s emerging hotel market include large green walls, indoor waterfalls, massive chandeliers, and multimedia stations.

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