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If you are the owner of a carpet, then we are sure getting it wet must be one of the foremost issues that may cross your mind in terms of managing and using it appropriately.

This is a perfectly rational thought to have. In fact, it is even a perfectly rational thought to be scared of. But why should we fear water coming close to our carpets? What is it that water really does to one?

Why Should we be Afraid of Water?

I am sure that each of you must have heard horror stories about water coming into contact with a carpet and wrecking it almost completely. Well, we are here to tell you that this is pretty much true. From years of experience and research, we can all agree on the fact that water wreaks havoc upon a carpet and is an extremely negative factor.

The reason why water is so dangerous is a bit complex in understanding, but we will do our best to put it down in a simple way for you. Water is soaked by a carpet completely, down to its every strand or fiber. This leads to it seeping away any dyes used in the threads of the material that the carpet is constructed of. These dyes leech out and take two routes: either they intermingle and make the patterns fade out or get dull, or they seep away completely and take the patterns away with them.

Other Side Effects

Water can also cause the creation of extra fuzz on a woolen carpet or the weathering out of a carpet, hence rendering it to be less durable than it was before.

As you can see, an expensive investment as a carpet must be protected from water at all costs otherwise it will lose everything that makes it unique in just a matter of mere seconds.

The Best Solutions

For this, we have a number of pieces of advice to lend out to you all in order to ensure that your carpet remains as protected as possible. Let us discuss them all in order below.

The foremost solution is to ensure that all water sources are placed as far away from the carpet as possible. If you have a full floor covering, perhaps you could consider cutting out pieces for the equipment such as water dispensers as they leak or spill at times.

The next thing to ensure is to make sure your carpet is strategically placed in a spot where the pipes and drainage system is less or from where it does not pass at all. This will remove the risk of any future water leak, should it occur.

On top of this, perhaps you should consider getting the corners of your carpet wrapped by a material that will prevent any water from seeping through but will look aesthetic at the same time. A thin film of plastic can do the job too!

Remember, that floor carpets are not the only way to go. Consider wall hangings and more if you live in an area at high risk of flooding or of leaks.


We hope that you find it easy to protect your carpets from the chaos that water can cause after following our simple set of advice. All the best! read more

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