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As more products enter the unregulated industry of sports nutrition, the more valuable knowledge from credible selective sources becomes when assessing product potential during the purchasing process. The problem can partially be attributed to the way the market is structured in response to its unregulated state. Since many sports nutrition manufacturers sell mostly the same products under their brand(s), the question becomes, what are the unique differentiators among products in the same category that would justify price differences and tradeoffs in certain aspects of quality?

If one examines the above statement, no technical knowledge about product quality in reference to biological value or chemistry was mentioned. And the reason is that supplement users need to become aware that how one approaches the concept of buying and using supplements is just as important as the products themselves. As a matter of fact, the approach may actually be more important since most adverse or undesirable product purchases occur when a choice has been made to commit in a state where the buyer is aware that he or she has insufficient knowledge for optimal product evaluation. This is where doing cursory research yields huge dividends in best product selection for individual users and substantial savings in money, due to the avoidance of expensive and long supplement trial periods.

Highly experienced or advanced supplement users tend to consider more products at the ingredient level, and also put together pre-formulated products and individual ingredients in highly synergistic stacks for powerful results. At this point, it doesn’t matter if the objective is weight loss, muscle gain, and/or sports performance. The contention is still the same; in the approach to acquired domain knowledge coupled with unique insight at the individual level optimizes one’s options for the best product purchases. Everything does not have to be known, but information specific to the commitment beyond the purchase is crucial. For example, fat burners with what’s termed Beta-3 Agonist substances will directly target and act on fat cells in the lower abdominal, hamstring, and buttock regions with metabolic support from caffeine, as an option. Users who are aware of this can minimize the amount of caffeine in the diet, while increasing the fat burning benefits of these agonist substances, as they act directly on fat cell receptors by signature.

Fat burners can be augmented with separate Beta-3 Agonists, such as Octopamine, obviating the need for additional caffeine and other stimulants. Muscle development can be more safely approached from the perspective that if one slows down the rate of protein breakdown, then anabolic growth occurs more naturally, and is thereby more sustainable long-term. This subtle shift in perception opens up the possibility of using anti-catabolic supplements to increase growth safely. Supplements like HMB, Glutamine, Cissus, Tribulus Aquaticus, and Terminalia Chebula will present themselves as safe options only when approached with an open mind towards using knowledge to leverage their attributes.


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